Terms & Conditions

  • The principle of SIM Card replacement
  If you find any problems with the order or the SIM card, please contact us within 3 days after the purchase (after receiving the SIM card for the online order) :
    Email: adminhk@tsimtech.com
    Whatsapp: +(852) 6014 0451
  Any replacement goods must be returned in their entirety, we will refuse to replace them in the following cases:
    1. The goods have been used
    2. The goods have been removed from the packaging
    3. The product has passed the last use period/open date
    4. Any pre-launched product
    5. The buyer must pay the invoice and arrange the replacement by himself,
    6. After confirming the order, you cannot notify you to change the address during the delivery period, and the company reserves the right to pay you additional delivery charges
  • Refund rules
  1. If the SIM card cannot be used, please contact Whatsapp: +(852) 6014 0451 immediately or refunds may not be returned.
  2. Since all SIM cards and network services are provided by major Telecom Operators, our technical colleague will seek Telecom Operator to deal with the problem. (During the process, please cooperate to provide your mobile phone settings if necessary.) If the problems can’t be solved, we will give you the refund details.
  3. If the sim card couldn’t work due to not match with your equipment , the refund won’t be supported.
  4. If any dispute arises due to refunds or returns, the company reserves the right to make the final decision.
  • Disclaimer

  Our company only sells the products of major telecom companies. The network coverage, including the speed of the SIM card, is provided by network providers. If there is any question about the SIM card, we will try our best to solve it. If we can’t handle it, we will refund the full amount. All related to the impact of the itinerary, the company will not bear any legal responsibility or compensation for any loss recovery.