[Top-up] Japan Travel SIM

[Top-up] Japan Travel SIM

  • HK$71.00
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Data Plan details

Validity: 1-30 days

Internet speed: 4G

Service type: Data only

Coverage area: Japan

Hotspot Sharing: Yes

Local telecom operator: KDDI/Docomo

IP address: Taiwan

apn (access point name) : internet

Data speed after limitation: Terminate


Booking info

Before you Top-up

  • You need to purchase a blank SIM card before Top-up this data plan
  • This data plan will only workable on the listed destination above
  • The plan only provide data-only, no phone number, calls or texts is provided.
  • Only one data plan will be effective on the SIM card at the same time. Please finish your data plan first to top-up another new plan.



  • SIM card can be activated within 365 Days after purchase.


How to use

Activation Procedure

  • After insert SIM card to the device, please turn – on “Data Roaming” and auto access “Mobile Data” and “4G LTE”. Please keep network selection “Automatic”. And wait for 3 minutes for the activation.
  • The SIM card will be activated automatically. No registration is required

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Problem checking (If unable to activate)

If you are experiencing connectivity issues after 3 minutes, please follow the instructions below.

(1) Check the apn (Access Point) settings of your devices

  • iOS: Setting > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network > APN > "internet" > save.
  • Android: Setting > Mobile Data > Access Point Names > select “New APN”  > and input "internet" > Save > Apply.

(2) Reboot the SIM card (Reactivation)

  • iOS: Settings > Mobile Data > SIM application > SIM “国漫服务”> Reactivation/ Reboot SIM > Confirm
  • Android: Settings: Desktop > SIM ToolsKit (Or “Settings > Others” for some models) > SIM application > SIM “国漫服务”> Reactivation/ Reboot SIM > Confirm

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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • No cancellations, refunds, or changes can be made.