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Attn: QR code will be sent to your email after purchase, please scan the QR code only when you arrive destination and complete mobile data settings.


Applicable Areas:  USA/Barbados/Bermuda/Greenland/Guyana/Jamaica/Panama/Anguilla/Antigua & Barbuda/Bahamas/Cayman Islands/Dominica/Grenada/Montserrat/Peru/St.Kitts & Nevis/St.Lucia/Turks & Caicos Islands/Uruguay


*Support local 4G/3G network, speed will be terminated if data usage exceeds high-speed data limitation.
*Hotspot sharing:  Support.


Greenland - Tele Greenland

Guayana- ATN

Bahamas - BTC

Peru - Movistar/Entel

Uruguay - Movistar/Antel

Others - Not specific

*APN: gigsky-02
*Validity for the eSIM: within 30 days after purchase. Please activate the data plan before expiry date; once it be expired, Cancellation, Refund or Changes are not allowed.

* Please make sure you have an eSIM capable mobile before purchase, a charges of HK$10 will be made for in case of not support and request for a refund. 

How to download eSIM (Picture) :

How to download eSIM :

Technical Support (WhatsApp only) : +852 60140451