What devices support eSIM?

iPhone SE 2020, XR, XS and later models.
Google Pixel 4 and later models.
Samsung S20 and Note 20 series, Fold and Flip.
Huawei P40 and P40 Pro
Motorola Razr, etc.

Note: Some of these devices have variants that do not support eSIM, please check eSIM compatibility if in doubt.

What must be noted before starting the eSIM installation process?

  • Printed voucher or another device for QR code scanning.
  • A stable Wi-Fi/networking connection for installation.

I already have an active eSIM in my phone, can I add a new one?

Yes, your phone can store many eSIM profiles at the same time. You can choose which one to use in your phone settings.

Can I use my physical SIM card along with the eSIM?

Yes, with dual-SIM functionality you can have both physical SIM and eSIM active at the same time.

Csn I top-up my eSIM

eSIM cannot be topped up. Just buy a new one when you need. The system will send the voucher to you instantly.